Friday, July 31, 2015

Turner Machine Rolls Out First Module in Turner University Program

"I like to think of Turner University as the
 biscuit maker at Cracker Barrel."
First of eight learning courses for employees as part of company culture
Turner Machine, a custom machine shop and machine builder, rolled out its first of eight learning modules this week as part of its new “Turner University” learning program for its employees and new hires.

The first module is on Report Card program training, the software that tracks time spent on projects and their budgets. The module includes a six-minute video demonstration on how to use the software, as well as hands on training.

“When rolling out Turner University we thought it was important to start with Report Card training,” said Jeff Turner, CEO of Turner Machine. “Since our software underwent a major change, we believe it’s important to ensure all employees are trained on the new system first because it affects budgets and our bottom line.”

Until recently, the Smyrna manufacturer struggled with staying abreast of tracking the progression of projects in accordance with the budget. After hiring FocusPoint to fix multiple disjointed tracking programs, Turner Machine now has an effective method to keep track of time and money.

“Turner University” was developed as a way to fulfill one of the company’s core values: Passion to Build People. Having the staff participate in the same training ensures the company is aligned and that each employee receives the same orientation every time.

“I like to think of Turner University as the biscuit maker at Cracker Barrel. Each baker in each restaurant has the same recipe,” said Turner, “so no matter which location you visit, you will receive the same product. But, what if someone “tweaks” the recipe a bit? You may still get a good product, but it won’t be the same. Similarly, we want all Turner Machine employees to be on the same page. In doing so, not only will our company be more cohesive, but our customers will benefit from our united front.”

Seven other modules will be rolled out this quarter, including: Orientation, Employee Handbook, How of Wow, Huddle training, Align training, EEO Anti-Discrimination training and 30-60-90 Day Plans by Department. Turner Machine also plans to roll out department-specific classes later this year to better prepare an employee to be successful at his or her specific job.


Turner Machine Company, Inc. is a full-service machine shop that specializes in building custom machines. The company, founded by Jeff Turner, will celebrate its 20th anniversary in November. Currently, Turner Machine employs around 50 people. It is located 15 miles southeast of Nashville, Tenn., in Smyrna. For more information about Turner Machine Company visit

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